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With UNLIMITED classes whether you are a beginner or you want to advance​ your practice,

Yoga is now at your finger-tips.

"Yoga means union - the union of body with consciousness and with the soul.

Yoga cultivates the ways of maintaining a balanced attitude in day-to-day life and endows skill in the performance of one's actions.."  ~ B.K.S Iyengar

Finally Achieve The Peace You Deserve With Our 7 Day FREE Trial

Yoga means addition of energy, strength and beauty to your body, mind and soul.


In a world where everything is moving so fast, we know how precious time is.


Which is why, whatever your intentions are, if you are passionate about fitness, looking to create a healthy life-style, and centre your mind and spirit... we want you to be able get the full studio experience from anywhere, every day.  


What Are The Benefits of Yoga? 


Dynamic Hot Yoga has numerous benefits for your health and wellbeing, unlike any other form of yoga our unique series is designed to increase your flexibility and strength by working every single muscle in the body, from muscular, cardiovascular and to the respiratory system. With a series revolving specifically around the breath, whilst the body postures improve your athletic performance whilst maintaining your balance, concentration and benefiting your overall energy and vitality. 


When we practice Yoga, wherever you are in the world, we are working to bring union to our bodies, minds and spirits.


Together. As one. In union.

Yoga means addition of energy, strength and beauty to your body, mind and soul.     In a world where everything is moving so

What Are The Benefits of Doing Yoga At Home?​

Finding inner peace and stillness is something that can be a challenge in a world with so many distractions. It’s not always easy to make it to a yoga class, that’s why challenging yourself and working up a sweat in the convenience of your own space is so advantageous.

  • Variety. Practising yoga at home enables you to integrate a variety of styles into your yoga routine, with experienced teachers, so you can try out classes by professionals around the world from any location you like on the go.

  • Flexibility.  DHY Digital encourages joining our LIVE daily classes and in what better place to start than in your own personal space! You can have maximum control and flexibility over how often you practice and what sort of yoga styles work best for you.

  • Capability. Whether you are new to Yoga or at an advanced level, we have classes suitable for every ability. Our less vigorous classes in the 'On-Demand Library can also be enjoyed by the whole family at any time of the day.

  • Support. We believe in the fundamental benefits of improving your mind and body through yoga, combining classical yoga with sports science,  and look forward to supporting you through our Help Desk and Community Chat Area. 


Exclusive YOGI Member Benefits



DHY Digital will help you reach and develop your yoga practice, which is truly unique and dynamic, to find your own path by cultivating a discipline with your practice.

  • LIVE CLASS's EVERYDAY, enjoy LIVE classes with any of our teachers, practicing any of our yoga methods, from the comfort of your own home. Members can attend UNLIMITED classes every MONTH!

  • ON DEMAND LIBRARY, in a rush or just missed your favourite teacher? No problem, we have an ever-growing library of ALL our videos in our 'On Demand Video Library'. With NEW videos added EVERY WEEK!

  • MONTHLY CHALLENGES, our DHY Digital Members will have the chance to join hundreds of people in our exclusive Monthly Workout Challenges.

  • EXCLUSIVE OFFERS & MUCH MORE, not only can you access all of the above whenever and wherever you like, our members will have exclusive offers and special offers for merchandise, products, courses and 1-1's.

 DHY Digital will help you reach and develop your yoga practice, which is truly unique and dynamic, to find your own path by
Yoga means addition of energy, strength and beauty to your body, mind and soul.     In a world where everything is moving so

DHY Digital Brings Yoga To You

At DHY Digital we understand you are super busy in your normal day-to-day lives

that is why we have taken Yoga to a digital platform so you can join your

favourite classes, anywhere in the world, with just a push of a button!

Choose Your Class

Choose from our LIVE Class Timetable to join your favourite class at the most convenient time for you.


Alternatively, search our 'On Demand Library' with many new classes added every week.

Set Up Your Home

Create a warm and calming space wherever you are able to, by heating the room 30 minutes prior to your class.


Simply login to DHY Digital, roll your mat out and ensure you have enough space to move around.

Enjoy Unlimited Yoga


With Live Classes EVERY WEEK and our Monthly Motivation Challenges from our professional teachers, you are able to enjoy Yoga limitlessly every day, week and month with DHY Digital.


What Customers Say

When people think about yoga, they usually think about flexibility as its main benefit. What is quite surprising is that your lung capacity and power will also significantly improve. I consider Dynamic Hot Yoga to be the indispensable complementary training to whatever is your core sport. It will give you a competitive edge you would not think possible, especially as you get older. For me, it has become so important that I do it as much as I do my core sport. Last but not least, Dynamic Hot Yoga will make you calmer and more mindful not only when you do sport but in your overall life as well. 




This was my first online class. I signed up on the recommendation from my usual Yoga teacher and I'm glad I did! I really enjoyed this class as I felt that I was in the studio but also in the comfort of my own home. I found the site very informative and easy to use, I am looking forward to joining more live classes soon. Thank-you.


 I decided to give Dynamic Hot Yoga a try …It soon become clear to me that this was the place for me. Very kind, friendly and informative staff and most importantly , reassurance. I was told that this was my time, my body and my practice. This was a good foundation to begin with, since then I have learnt to listen, breath and work with my body. It has encouraged me to recognise my strengths and that no one’s practice and abilities are the same. The instructors are superb. They do not judge and encourage me to the best of my abilities. A faultless team that give a real sense of belonging. Signing up with Dynamic Hot Yoga was the best decision I have made for my own wellbeing. I feel great , my 13 year old son has noticed the difference in my energy levels and flexibility and stamina.


Find a plan that’s right for you.

It’s your time, your space, for you to fully connect to your natural rhythm.


Whichever plan you choose you will enjoy UNLIMITED daily LIVE streams with a variety of your favourite Yoga classes to choose from including Ashtanga, Vinyasa and the DHY series, with unlimited access to all of these LIVE streams, our On Demand Library, Challenges and much much more.

Monthly Yogi's

  • 20 LIVE CLASSES every single week - that is over 80 hours of LIVE classes every month! 

  • On-Demand Library for instant access to classes and new training videos added weekly.

  • Monthly Fitness Challenge is exclusive to our Digital Yogis and will consist of 7 Day Training Challenges to participate in.

  • Weekly Tips & Training from professional teachers.

  • Exclusive member discounts and special offers- with upto 15% off!


for 7 Day Trail


billed per month

Annual Yogi's

  • Receive All Digital Yogi Benefits - including:

  • Extra month for FREE - saving you £29!

  • DHY Digital Welcome Pack includes surprise products with the value of £50!

  • DHY Digital Personalised Training Calendar sent straight to your inbox. - WORTH £129 

  • One Time OFFER of 50% off One Hour 1-1 sessions - for a limited time only!

  • Exclusive discount to home setup kit​- with upto 40% off!


billed annually

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 DHY Digital will help you reach and develop your yoga practice, which is truly unique and dynamic, to find your own path by

DHY Digital


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