Our goal is to see more people getting involved with Yoga and to

enjoy a healthier lifestyle.


DHY Digital was created to assist you in your experience of Yoga.


We believe in the fundamental benefits of improving mind and body through yoga. Combining classical yoga with sports science to aid injury recovery, improve fitness levels and well-being.


DHY DIGITAL believes that the DHY System can help everyone improve their lives through the balancing of mind and body with conscious breathing. 

Meet Our Founder


An entrepreneur’s brain in a professional sportsman’s physique.


Aftab trains hard and in 2013 became a professional MMA athlete and has over 100 bouts in all levels and different disciplines. In 2015 he turned PRO in Muay Thai and is still currently training and competing.


Aftab has found all of his training enhanced by the practice of Hot Yoga with all that it brings; including improvement in nerve flow and faster reflexes. He feels quicker and yet relaxed with his breathing posture.


He founded Dynamic Hot Yoga in 2013, a huge studio situated in the heart of Brighton & Hove in the south of the UK, his studio has seen hundreds of customers lives changed in the last 7 years. 


Aftab still desired to see as many other people as possible enjoy the benefit of Yoga and although he has made a huge success of the Yoga Studio he also wanted to create a professional online centre to benefit even more members.

DHY Digital


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